4 Reasons Why Your Back Pain Isn't Getting Better


  1. You're Not Getting Enough Rest

Rest comes in many forms; mental rest, physical rest and sleep. If you can't seem to shake off your back pain, perhaps you aren't giving yourself enough of each type of rest your body needs to heal. Many of my patient feel better just after implementing a regular rest routine. Consider how much time you spend daily in a relaxed mental state, how many minutes you allow your body to rest in a stress-free state and how many hours of quality sleep you are getting each night.

2. Stress

It is not uncommon for people struggling with chronic stress or depression to develop back pain. In fact, people with depression are four times more as likely to develop disabling low-back pain and neck pain. It is well known that stress triggers the release of a stress hormone called cortisol, causing increased inflammation and tension. The result is a devastating cycle of back pain and possibly depression. Mood enhancers like exercise, meditation, yoga, and deep breathing, can help ease stress and improve your overall well-being as well as make your back feel better.

3. Too Much Sitting

What's worse than sitting all day at work? Sitting all day at work with poor posture. Sitting for prolonged periods can cause muscle spasm and muscle weakness as well as lead to painful trigger points. Sitting with poor posture can add joint dysfunction and disc protrusions. Taking regular breaks and stretching frequently can help combat the effects of a sedentary work day. Correcting poor posture with prescribed stretching, strengthening and adjustments will help balance your frame.

4. Incomplete Care

Finally, if you are receiving treatment for back pain and symptoms are not getting any better, you have to consider the possibility that you are not getting a complete package. Back pain treatment is very complex and has to include comprehensive evaluation to determine root causes and related impairments, as well to assess posture, identify aggravating factors and work related and life habits.

The right treatment is targeting the root issue, and not just chasing symptoms, giving fast and long lasting results. The best plan of care for low back pain is the one addressing all issues( pain, joint dysfunction, tightness, stiffness, and weakness) and in the right order. Absence of comprehensive treatment very often leads to poor results. Treatment such as massage therapy without core strengthening, stretching without strengthening, strengthening without correcting alignment, simply does not work. Do not trust your back to just anyone. Look for a hands on provider with excellent diagnostic skills, knowledge, experience and a compassionate heart.

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