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A patient filling out insurance documents for chiropractic care.

Your Insurance Coverage

Does your insurance pay for chiropractic care?

One of the first questions our patients ask is, "Will my insurance pay for this?". When you have insurance that covers the cost of your chiropractic adjustments, getting the care you need is much more affordable. However, if your insurance is one of the few companies that does not cover this type of healthcare, don't worry. Our office has very affordable rates, especially for people who need to pay cash for their care. You can trust that we will give you an accurate picture of your benefits before beginning with your chiropractor.

We will verify your benefits today. Call us now at (770) 592-2505 or Email us at askdoctorheidi@gmail.com.

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3 Questions to Ask Your Chiropractor

Choosing the Right Chiropractor

Finding a chiropractor is easy; you probably pass one's office every day. But chiropractors, like every profession, vary in their technique, approach and focus, so how do you know if the office close to you is a great match for your needs? We've outlined 3 questions to help you decide.

Question 1: Does the chiropractor have the tools and partnerships to effectively treat your condition?

It is important to know if the doctor has the necessary tools that would improve the outcome of your care. For example, not all chiropractic offices have X-ray equipment, but it is my professional opinion that it is important to see what you are adjusting before doing so. In some cases, X-rays are not a necessity to make a clinical decision, but I prefer to have access to as much information as possible in complicated cases. A lack of X-ray equipment could mean the difference between a quick recovery and a lengthy one or could delay necessary referral to a specialist.

"My patients deserve the best health care possible, provided in the safest, most professional environment. We use state-of-the-art X-ray equipment which minimizes exposure, keeping the patient safe. This digital X-ray equipment is fast, makes sharing with other providers easy, and is great for showing patients what their spine looks like."- Dr. Heidi Arabia.

Secondly, a chiropractor who collaborates with other practitioners can help you get the specific care you need to feel better faster. Look for a doctor who has in-house therapists available. A group of professionals working together in the same location toward your health goal is beneficial for many reasons. Beyond mere convenience, your condition will benefit from the collaborative approach, and your insurance will be utilized in a way that reduces your out-of-pocket expense.

Question 2: Does the office accept and efficiently make use of your health insurance benefits?

When you have health insurance that covers your care in a chiropractic office, it's important to know how much care you will receive under that insurance and if your out-of-pocket expenses are affordable. Offices with a distinct billing department will have the professional experience to make the most of what your insurance offers. As each insurance company and individual plan varies, be sure to find a chiropractic office that can work with your benefits.

"Our Insurance Department is top-notch. I am very proud of my team of billing specialists, who takes time with each patient to ensure they are receiving the maximum benefit allowed by their insurance company. That peace of mind relieves the patient of worry so they can focus on getting well. You can call our Insurance Specialist today to verify how much chiropractic and massage your insurance will pay for." -Dr. Heidi Arabia.

Question 3: Does the chiropractor offer a customized adjustment plan for each patient?

Many times, a chiropractor will have a favorite method of adjusting, which can become a 'one size fits all' adjustment. When choosing a doctor, ask if she has a variety of skills and techniques that allow her to customize her adjustment to fit each person's needs. Not everyone likes or responds to the same style of adjusting, and it is important to choose your first chiropractor with this in mind.

"I pride myself on having a tool in my bag of tricks to suit just about everyone's needs and preferences. Under my care, no two people receive the same adjustment. When you need a doctor who will listen to your concerns and make accommodations to fit your needs, Dr. Heidi should be your first choice. You will feel relaxed and secure that you are being given the best chiropractic care possible." -Dr. Heidi Arabia.

If my style and methods feel like a good fit for you, please call (770) 592-2505 now and ask for Dr. Heidi.

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